Our privacy policy explains the type of personal data or information Fort News collects from you, user of our website by way of your interactions with pages on our website and how we use such data or information.

The Personal Data We Collect

Fort News collects data to operate efficiently and provide you, our user the best experiences as you browse our site for news and reports. You supply these data directly when you browse our website or fill a form on the webpage.

How we use your personal data

Fort News uses data we collect to improve user experiences in order to be able to provide more sophisticated and more secured online experience.

The information you supplied may also be used to show you more relevant ads.

However, what you watch, write or chat about, will not be used to deliver ad contents to you.

Why We May Share Your Personal Data

We may share your personal information or data with your consent or as may be necessary to complete a form or send a mail. We may also share personal data when required by law or relevant authorities.


Our website uses cookies

Fort News uses cookies (which are small text files placed on your device) and other similar technologies to help our website collect data. Cookies also allow us to preserve your preferences and settings. It also help to combat scams and analyse how our site is performing.

Your privacy is important to us

In our privacy policy document, your personal data is important and confidential. Fort News clearly understands and therefore will not for whatever reason or reasons except perhaps required by law of the federal republic of Nigeria or other International law in the USA or Canada disclose such information to other users of our website or Third-party app.