About us

This About Us page is essentially about everything Fort News is about and what it intends to become in future.

Fort News is an online news media established with responsibility to provide well-researched, up-to-date and genuine news reportage.

With the proliferation of online news media and the attendant effects of fake news, fort News is seeking to rebrand the online news platform, giving it absolute genuineness by way of ensuring that news and reports emanating from here are not only genuine but absolutely free of errors and witch-hunting.

Fort News is giving every Nigerian a platform to tell their story by reporting cases of corruption, human rights abuses, terrorism, election fraud, maladministration, domestic violence as well as rape and other social vices that are currently ravaging the peace and progress of Nigeria.

Elections inĀ  Nigeria and indeed some other parts of the world are essentially an avenue where citizens are bluntly robbed of their votes. Fort News has in an to stop election fraud, has put in places measures to have electoral activities reported live.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to help bring the necessary dividends of democracy to Nigerians by way of constantly engaging stakeholders, especially the political class with the intention to putting them on check and have them deliver on their electoral promises.

Our vision

Our vision is to have a country where citizens are absolutely free from hunger, deprivation and maladministration orchestrated by the privileged political class.

Fort News has it’s headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria with bureaus in Abuja, Portharcourt, Benin and Enugu. Fort News is also collaborating with other news platform in and outside Nigeria with a view to bringing Nigerians up to speed in politics, business, Sports, entertainment and technologies.

Our goals

Our goal at Fort News is to adequately inform Nigerians about government policies and programs in order to help them make informed decisions.

We also want to be able to expose cases of corruption at all levels of government, while at the same time commend governments whose policies and programs have immensely benefited the masses.

This about us page is created to help our readers know more about us and to create confidence in us.

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