Osun 2018: Civil Societies Set Criteria For Parties, Governorship Aspirants

The Civil Societies’ Coalition for the Emancipation of Osun State (CSCEOS) has set conditions necessary to be met for all aspiring to be the governor of the state in the September 22, 2018 governorship election.

Besides, the group stated that it will conduct a non-party, independent investigations and screening on all the governorship candidates who emerge from the political parties primaries and also send their names to all the anti-graft agencies for scrutiny.

Addressing a Press Conference at the Secretariat of the Correspondents’ Chapel of NUJ in Osogbo, the CSCEOS Chairman, Comrade Sulaiman Adeniyi explained that although it is the constitutional duty of political parties to present governorship candidates, “the CSCEOS sees it as a duty to ensure that a template is set out for the kind of individuals we expect these parties to present”.

He said, “The CSCEOS therefore is seeking for the ‘original Omoluwabi’ to lead the state out of the financial mess it was dragged into by the current administration and set her on a path of sustainable human and fiscal development”.

After highlighting the myriads of problems on ground, the group explained that the situation though bad is not irredeemable and that unless urgent and incisive steps are taken to sensitize and strengthen the electoral process the current gloom in the life of the people will continue unabated.

“Acknowledging that the only way Osun people can liberate themselves from the shackles of political subjugation and economic penury is by wadding off the sharks and devourers from the electoral process;


“Knowing that heaven helps only those who help themselves and determined to remove the yoke of political servitude and restore liberty, justice and equal opportunity of development to the inhabitants of the State through increased sensitization and mobilisation of the electorate aimed at assisting them to take informed decision”.

In the light of the foregoing, the CSCEOS according to Adeniyi has decided to rise to the occasion and to come to the rescue the state by setting criteria for pre-qualification for gubernatorial candidates for the forthcoming polls.

According to him, the preferred person must be must be a true indigene,     must be reputed to possess high integrity, humility, track record of success in public or private enterprise, a decent family background, sound education, ability to harness and manage resources, responsive to the Osun Community’s needs and aspirations, accessible, humane and tolerant.

The CSCEOS Chairman said such an individual must demonstrate intellectual and moral ability that guarantees her citizens and resident of safety, security and prosperity, must be seen as one who views and holds the welfare and security of the people as paramount and must provide evidence of preparedness to run an open, accountable, frugal, prudent and responsive administration.

“He or she must demonstrate ability to respect all democratic principles, the rule of law, separation of powers, checks and balances, as well as the rights of the people and constitutional authority of governmental agencies.

“Must be seen as one able to run an open and transparent administration and show respect for the peoples’ sovereignty by granting easy and quick access to information on all aspects of, and in all areas of governance; as at when required.

“Must be prepared to have all his past activities, businesses and transactions subjected to investigation and scrutiny and must provide evidence of his past community development activities and philanthropy in Osun state”, he added.

He stated that the CSCEO strongly believed that these criteria will lay the foundation for the emergence of the most competent and credible candidates from the parties thus giving the electorate the opportunity to choose the best from the best available.


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