Chinese Comedian Facing Weapon And Drug Charges In New York Knows Fate May 9 | FortNews

NY, (FN) – Chinese national, Zhou Libo currently facing weapon and drug charges in the US will know his fate on May 9, 2018 as hearing on the case resumes.

The judge declared that the court would resume on the 9th of May since there were no further witness being summoned.

The defense lawyer, Stephen Scaring, said after the hearing in court that they would file motion to dismiss.

He said, “We have reviewed the transcript of the event that has taken place, and it’s clear to us that they can’t make a case, and so rather than burden the court with witnesses that are not necessary, we want to now submit a brief to the court stating our position, and why the judge must suppress all of the evidence and ultimately dismiss the case”

He further stated that the accused DNA was not on the gun neither was it found on the bag that held the narcotic drugs.

Zhou in company of his wife and lawyer appeared at the hearing session on Monday when the case resumed.

It will be recalled that on the 19th of January, 2017, Zhou Libo was stopped by the police in Lattingtown, New York for driving abnormally. The police later found a black pistol, loaded magazine and two transparent plastic bags containing suspected drugs in the vehicle.

Zhou was arrested on the spot, but was later released on bail the following day.

Zhou Libo is a Chinese talk show host and comedian who became the first non-musical Chinese artist to perform at the Carnegie Hall in New York in July, 2016.


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